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Who we are

We are Stock Exchange Hotel company number: 08063433) (“we”, “our” and “us”). We operate the website (“website”).


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which may be placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit the website. We may also use other technologies which are similar to cookies, such as pixels and local storage. These will all be referred to as “cookies” in this policy.

Cookies are used on websites to help visitors navigate around them effectively. They are also used to perform certain functions within a website, such as displaying certain content to you and remembering login details.

Cookies also provide information to us so we can analyse visitor behaviour patterns, for example, how many visitors view a particular page. They can also be used to deliver relevant advertisements to you (both on the website and on third party sites).


Our use of cookies

The website uses cookies. We have set out below the types of cookies we may use, their purpose, their security and how long these will remain on your device. Cookies may be first party or third party. If they are first party, they are set by us. If they are third party, they are set by a third party. We have set out where cookies are third party below.

We use certain necessary cookies to enable you to access and navigate our website, including:


Cookie Name Purpose Expiry (following collection) HTTP/ Secure Third Party
PHPSESSID Used to maintain session variables when you visit our website Session cookie (deleted on closing browser) No


We use certain statistical cookies to enable us to better understand how visitors to our website interact with its pages so we can improve our website, assess usage and understand our target audience. These cookies are anonymised and aggregated and do not identify you personally.


Cookie Name Purpose Expiry (following collection) HTTP? Third Party
_ga Used to generate statistical data in respect of how you use our website Two years Twitter, Oracle America, Inc. (AddThis)
_gcl_au Used by Google AdSense for experimenting with advertisement efficiency across websites using their services 3 months Google
_ga, _gid Used to generate statistical data in respect of how the visitor uses our website. Up to two years No
_hjIncludedInSample Used to determine whether you have been included in a sample of data used for analytical purposes 365 Days No
intercom-session-kf1dz0pp Used in conjunction with the Google reCAPTCHA service for account creation and login authentication One week Google


We share the above statistical cookies with Google Analytics who help us analyse how people are using our website. To opt out of Google Analytics, click here

We may use certain functional cookies to enable certain parts of our website to work. This enables us to integrate other applications (such as Google Maps and Twitter) into our website and also to personalise our content to you and remember your preferences.


Cookie Name Purpose Expiry (following collection) HTTP? Third Party?
OGPC Enables Google Maps to function on our website 20 days Google
_twitter_sess, eu_cn, external-referrer, syndication-guest_id and tfw_exp Enables you to use and access Twitter on our website Up to two years Only _twitter_sess Twitter
cw_id, loc, mus, na_id, na_tc, ouid, uid, ssc, uvc, notice-gdpr-prefs and notice-preferences Set by AddThis to enable certain functionality and plug-ins on the website, including the ability to share, view and follow content Up to one year Oracle America, Inc. (AddThis)
po_c-419 Functionality One year No
_atuvc Used to record the number of page shares through our AddThis social sharing widget on our website 13 months No
_atuvs Used to enable our page sharing facility, AddThis One day No


We may use certain tracking cookies to understand how users browse our website so we can display advertisements relevant to you (both on our website and on third party sites, including social media sites) that are relevant and interesting. These may be set by third parties and we have set out where this is the case below.


Cookie Name Purpose Expiry (following collection) HTTP/ Secure Third Party?
1P_JAR, IDE, SAPSID, SID, SIDCC, SSID, S Records information about how you use our website and any advertisements you have seen before visiting our website Up to two years (save for IP_Jar, SID and SIDCC Google
APISID, HSID, NID, DSID Used to identify you from other browsers of our website, build a profile of your interests and show relevant ads to you on other sites you may visit Up to two years (save for APISID) Google
guest_id Used by Twitter to identify and track users Two years Twitter
personalization_id           Used by Twitter to collect information about how you use our website and any advertising you may have seen before accessing the website Two years Twitter


We may change the cookies we use from time to time so we recommend that you review this cookies policy and your cookies settings regularly.


How to manage cookies

We will only collect and store cookies on your device with your consent. When you first navigate to our website you will be presented with a notification which enables you to choose which cookies you accept. You can choose to accept some cookies and decline others. Please note that disabling any necessary cookies may cause our website to function incorrectly.

Your internet browser also allows you to manage cookies. You will be able to remove and disable any cookies at any time through the settings in your internet browser. The method for doing this will be different depending on your chosen browser. Please see the relevant links below for further information:

Chrome: Safari: Internet Explorer: Firefox: Opera:

For more information about how to manage cookies visit

Please note – this information applies only to this website and not to other websites to which this site links.


Third Party Cookies

Where we have incorporated third party platforms or features into our website (such as Twitter or Facebook) such third party providers may set a cookie on your device when you access our website or follow such link. You should view their privacy policies and cookies policies for further information.


Personal Data

You should be aware that, although not all cookies collect personal data some cookies (particularly advertising cookies) may follow your browsing history to create a profile of you and your behaviours and preferences to seek to present appropriate advertisements to you. Please see our privacy policy for further information.


How to contact us

If you would like any further information about how we use cookies, please contact us at

Last updated: [13.02.2019]