October 11, 2019

Stock Exchange Hotel’s Art Collection

A year ago we started working with Fine Art Consultant, Ruth Davies and we asked her to curate a collection of art for our guest rooms. One that connected our guests with the heritage of the former Stock Exchange, enabling us to continue to tell the story of our incredible building.

In this video Ruth talks about the inspiration behind the collection.

Ruth said: ‘Our artwork collection is made up of original photographs that have been hand tinted. Most of the original photographs from when the Stock Exchange began trading are completely intact. It is amazing to be able to visually show the stock brokers working in these spaces. When our guests leave their rooms they will be going downstairs to dine in those spaces.

“It’s a great connection of what was happening then and what is happening now.

“We have an image of the trading hall that, as we now know, will be home to Tom Kerridge’s new restaurant The Bull & Bear. Guests will dine in the same area that these gentlemen were trading in more than a 100 years ago.

“Our research also uncovered some stunning artefacts including guest cards, dinner invitations, pamphlets and memorabilia. We have about 150 menus which date back from 1906 right the way up to the 1970s, and they give us a superb insight, not just into the dining habits of the Edwardian era, but also into the way people lived and enjoyed themselves.”

Ruth Davies – Fine Art Consultant