June 19, 2019

When Stock Exchange Hotel co-owner Gary Neville Met Three Former Traders Of The Stock Exchange

Learning and preserving the history of the building was critical to co-owners Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs and Winston Zahra and during the research period, the team found three former traders from the Stock Exchange – Alan Botterley (93 years old), John Goldstone and David Cummings. Here they are seen together for the first time since the Northern Stock Exchange ceased trading in 1979.

Co-owner Gary Neville said: “When you hear Alan, John and David talk and share the memories they have of the building, you realise how important it was to them and what an impact it had on people in Manchester. The stories of boom and busts, of playing cricket and football on the trading room floor, the different characters that worked there and how they all felt when it closed. When we heard these things, we became even more determined to bring the building back to life and share the stories that it has to tell.”