August 21, 2019

Close Friends Share Their Thoughts On The Renovation

In this video, captured at our 4th July event with co-owners Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs and Winston Zahra,  Northern Restaurant and Bar Show CEO Thom Hetherington, along with food and drink writer Matty White and art history lecturer Ruth Davies share some words on new boutique hotel in Manchester city centre.

Thom Hetherington said: “I think Stock Exchange Hotel is going to deliver a world class experience.”

Ruth Davies commented: “This is the most sensitive renovation of a building I have ever seen in the North West. Stock Exchange Hotel absolutely stands head and shoulders above anything else.”

Matty White added: “The beauty of Manchester is you can walk past doors and just not know what is behind them. I had no idea that the Stock Exchange building looked like it does inside, I think it is and is going to be amazing.”